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  • About Saddle Hill Ranch & Resort Bafut - Cameroon

    Escape the trappings of the city and enjoy unspoiled nature, in luxury and style..... alone, with family, or with friends.... on the great hills of the North West Region of Cameroon.

    Saddle Hill Ranch is one of the most luxurious yet simple holiday resorts in Cameroon, with extremely beautiful and natural geographic features strikingly shaped rocks with a unique disperse on hills, local and unique tree species growing out of big rocks, and meandering streams in the valleys of rolling hills. All these could only go to waste without an exquisite resort like Saddle Hill Ranch. SHR is known for its tranquillity, fresh breeze, green camping fields with magnificent camping tents, its naturally landscaped and manicured hill side lawns, magnificient views of untouched hills ands plateaus, and much more.

    At your disposal are; a tranquil ranch house with a guest kitchen, a jacuzzi, a stunning pool and pool deck, and panoramic restaurant specially designed to give you an overview of the remarkable gardens and rock hills, quad bikes, and more. Be honoured by the humble and hospitable servants who bring out the royalty in you.

    For your choice of a splendid tour or holiday in Africa but Cameroon in particular, you will certainly be spoiled at Saddle Hill Ranch with the amazing quality and luxurious standards of its amenities

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