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Panoramic View
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Places to visit in the region

While you are soaking up all that Saddle Hill Ranch has to offer – and granted, it is enough to keep you distracted for a looong time! – it is worth remembering the other attractions of the region. We propose that you take time off to visit the following places. All destinations are within 60 minutes from SHR, so can be visited in a day trip. Our drivers and guides will accompany you. There may be a small entrance fee to pay at some destinations.

Bafut Palace (~10 mins from SHR): Rich in history, cutlure and tradition, the Bafut Palace is a popular destination for international tourists. More Cameroonians should visit it too. Read More

Lake Nyos Scientific research Center (~60 mins from SHR): Lake Nyos is a beautiful crater lake that is at the center of cutting edge scientific research into preventing the build-up of dissolved gases in volcanic lakes.See international scientists at work and learn about the lake's past activities. Read More

Bamessing Handicraft Centre (~60mins from SHR): Watch local craftsmen at work fabricating pottery, and wood work. Read More

Menchum River and Menchum Falls (~40 mins from SHR). Saddle Hill Guests get the chance to visit the majestic Menchum Falls. Read More

Mbengwi Monastery (~30mins from SHR).

Tell us about your own destinations of interest in the region, and we will be delighted to explore them with you.

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